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something about the sunshine baaaaby;
i'm feeling different things for different people.so we'll see how they play out. i love mah converse.

im feling better today than i was yesterday. idunnno know why I was in  such foul mood.  I just was. But that's something i should deal with I guess. Just letting you all know :)
Ohhh and i hate the wireless keyboard :|


im trying this out

triaaaalCollapse )

i am seriously confused. I don't even know why. my sense of time is whacked out, ad i feel upset or emotional or like i'm missing something and don't know why. i'm grumpy and i dunno.. i guess i really miss my friends and...school. also, i just read a fantastic fanfic, maybe that ha something to do with it? i don't know. sorry for spamming up your nbox. i needed to get this out. didn't really help, but, oh well. and now i have a headache.

emotional craze
i really want my hair straightened, but im not allowed until tomorrow. its not cool. i asked and she said she would. hmm. but its my friends birthday party today. so it should be good. its 5 ( i think) teenage girls in a house together. and we are all good friends :) i still doubt my relationship with my best friend at times, but ive known her since grade 2. it'll take a pretty big thing to totally split us. its getting colder now (i live in the southern hemisphere) but i like it. cold is awesome. i want zack addy back in bones. he's not crazy! only 3 more episodes of glee left! nooo :( oh ell, thats what dvds are for.

who loves assignments? not me! well, actually it depends on the assignment. i hate my tourism one, which is a report article, but i love my fil and tv one, which is malking a music video. its a lot of fun.
also, friends are confusing. I love them all, one of them is eve my "twin" but we fight and bitch. its upsetting. its a friends birthday this week, and i kinda wish it was only three of us, not four. hmm. i love merlin and doctor who!
who likes matt smith as the doctor? I DO!

Writer's Block: Best book ever!
Is there any book you can read over and over again without ever getting sick of it? Do you discover something new every time you read it?

The one book, or book series, I could read over and over again is.... Harry Potter! It was my first love, and the first book of that size that I had read. Amazing. If I find anythig new, not necessarily. But it's so fun to read. I like I generally know the first 4 better than the rest, but, still.

waaah gaah maaah OH
my best friend is moving away!  its so horrible. i hardly see her as it is :( its gonna be harder now. buuuuut on the weekend, we're planning to catch up and go to timezone, wiht a super cool photobooth.
and the guy i like is super cuteee

oh, what a feeling
mood swings are weird. today, when i woke up, i was sleepy. from period 2 at school to the end of first lunch, i was very happy. period 5 to the end of the day was the depressing stage. when in started my training for an endurance walk, happy as normal. twas weird. and nothing set me off, just changed,

anyway. oreo's are good :)

cheese factor.
just watched vicar of dibley. the one with richard armitage *swoon* it's so very funny. and got me thinking. i want someone like that! cheesy, lovable, taller than me :)

Now, who loves Disney? I do! I have songs on my iPod. I love it, there's something about when it's raining and cold, and you sit down with a pillow and watch all the Disney Princess movies. YAY :) and its good cheesy fun.

Question: how do you know when you like someone?


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